Dave Jakovac PE- President, Civil Engineer



Professional Licenses, Affiliations, and Certifications:
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (ID, MT, OR)
  • International Congress of Building Officials (ICBO)
  • National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • EDC HVE Forum 2002, 2004, 2008, 2010
  • ITC Certified Level II Thermographer, Residential Eneergy Audit Certification
  • Idaho Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE)
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
  • Washington Department of Transportation - Highway Engineer II
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • American Concrete Institue
  • Masters Certification World of Concrete, Concrete and/or Masonry 1999, 2003 & 2007
  • Idaho State Contracting Business (RCE-10732)
  • LEED Certified Green Associate
  • SCS Teton Dam Disaster Recolamation Presentations (1976)
  • Idaho State Attorney General Presentation - Mold Mitigation adn Remedial Techniques (2003)
  • Blue Lakes Pipe Failure case history, ASCE Pipeline Conference (2004)
  • Thermographic Inspections of Building Envelope Ice Damming and Moisture Generated from Exterior and Interior Sources, InfraMation Conference (2009)
  • EDC HVE - WP2010-2 Use of Aerial Photographs from Internet Sources for HVE-2D Environments (2010). Joint paper with R. Torrey Roberts, PE.
  • How Infrared Thermography Drives Building Energy Conservation Retrofit Techniques, InfraMation Conference (2010)


Mr. Jakovac has 33 years of construction, construction management and forensic engineering experience involving airports, commercial, nuclear and institutional building facilities, transmission lines, hydroelectric dams, Interstate transportation, office towers, and tunnels.  His experience has ranged from engineering consulting to full management responsibilities throughout all construction phases and start up.  Also, he has provided professional expert witness and forensic engineering for more than 800 cases regarding auto accident reconstruction, personal injury, and property damage and loss. As an forensic engineer for the past 20 years, he has provided expert testimony and investigation for water infiltration of building envelopes, pressure system failures, structure failures, explosions, fire cause and origin; and accidents involving motorcycles, pedestrians, cars, pickups, log trucks, and long haul semi-tractor trailers.  Experiences with property loss have included explosions, pressure system failures, equipment systems failure, structure wind-snow load failures, fire cause and origin, fuel tanks, toys, environmental contamination, vehicles, structures and chimneys, water and earth movements. He has testified in State and Federal Courts. Mr. Jakovac has a very diversified construction background.  His expertise has provided resolution to many multi-million dollar cost and scheduling issues in the form of claims and disputes.  He has successfully provided consulting services on numerous projects, such as the construction of 480,000 s.f. airport parking structure in Boise, a 220 acre development near Sun Valley, a five (5) story office building, the construction of a several jail expansion, and the reconstruction of 12 miles of Interstate with an interchange.  He previously worked on several projects as a Project Controls Consultant for the construction of a fast track nuclear fuel processing facility (NAQ1), and as a construction consultant for a Veterans Administration Hospital addition and the Delta Center in Salt Lake City.  Other assignments included being a project cost controls and scheduling consultant on a new $80 million malting facility in eastern Idaho.Previous to this, he was assigned as Project Representative for the construction of several buildings including an executive office building, two warehouses, and a "high-tech" chip manufacturing facility, which exceeded $250 million.  He has "class 10" clean room construction experience and is familiar with clean room start-up.
His other assignments included managing the design and construction of the First Interstate Center, a twelve (12) story office building in Boise, Idaho.  Also, he supervised the development of a schedule for a multi-billion dollar automotive plant.  Prior to that he was assigned to field projects including a $78 million jail and courts facility in Northern California and earlier on a $130 million hydroelectric project in Alaska.  In these positions, he was responsible for contract administration, quality control, inspection, design modifications and project controls for eight separate multi-million dollar contracts.He also served as Project Engineer/Contract Administrator for Morrison Knudsen, Inc. in Boise, Idaho, where he was responsible for contract composition, addendum, bid invitations and evaluations.  He also provided contractor performance monitoring, review and negotiation of changes and claims.  Other assignments have included Project Engineer and Senior Project Controls Engineer on a $56 million shale oil project in Colorado.  There, he supervised field design, cost control, budget and cost estimating, production studies, scheduling and contract administration.Mr. Jakovac served as Construction Manager for the US. Forest Service in Idaho and Washington and as a Highway Engineer II for the Washington Department of Transportation.  In both places, his responsibilities included all facets of road design (i.e. benefit analysis, function, safety, environmental), construction and operation.In 1975-1976 he served as a technician for the USDA, Soil Conservation Service, and was responsible for Post Teton Dam Cleanup, and design of waterways, dams and farm related conservation measures in the Palouse Area, Northern Idaho.